Johan Speaking Academy

About Us

Our passion is to help children to become

CONFIDENT public speakers

The Founders

Johan Ooi & Cherry Ho

Our Journey

Since 2014

Founded by Johan Ooi and Cherry Ho, Johan Speaking Academy provides children and teenagers with the opportunity to acquire and master real-life public speaking skills.

Johan Ooi, a gifted public speaker himself, has participated in numerous public speaking competition and won several awards, including the 2015 Peninsular Malaysia Public Speaking Championship, where he was crowned champion. He went on to represent Malaysia in the 2015 World Championship of Public Speaking held at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, competing against many of the world’s renowned public speakers. 

Both Johan and Cherry are passionate and dedicated coaches who strive to help children become confident public speakers. They firmly believe that educating and building the next generation of leaders with confident speaking skills is the most fulfilling thing in life.

With a team of dedicated certified trainers and franchisees, Johan Speaking Academy plans to expand its program beyond Malaysia and impact the lives of more children.

Founder Johan Ooi and Co-Founder Cherry Ho

JCI CYEA - Creative Young Entrepreneur Award 2017.
Malaysia's Top 10.

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Media Appearances

The passion and dedication of Johan Speaking Academy trainers has yield remarkable results, proven by kids who dare to confidently conquer any given platforms to speak publicly and eloquently. Such results have attracted media friends' attention. Kids Public Speaking by Johan Speaking Academy has been featured by Bernama TV, BFM 89.9, China Press, Kosmo, Feminine Magazine and Malaysia SME.
We have appeared on various media below.