Johan Speaking Academy

Speaker Warrior Program

Physical & Online Classes

3 Categories

Based on Age Group

Kids will learn the fundamentals of public speaking through a series of modules that we thoughtfully designed to cover the different types of speaking skills.


Public Speaking
( 5 - 7 years old )

Give your child a head-start and build their confidence since young.


Public Speaking
( 7 - 12 years old )

A comprehensive, engaging and fun public speaking program for your child.


Public Speaking
(12 - 17 years old }

Speaking and presentation skills are important elements for your child, as they move into the working world.

Interesting Modules

Fun & Practical

Our modules include Storytelling, Kids Dream Job, Kids Brand Ambassador, Motivational Speech, Poem Recitation, Presidential Speech, Product Review, Special Event, Informative Speech

We frequently organize physical stage time at halls, malls, theme parks, playlands, etc. to give our students the experience of a lifetime. We welcome your child's participation for an unforgettable experience!

* Additional fee applies for event participation.